Process Service

In a court of law, each party in a case needs to be given legal notice when they are required to respond to an action being taken against them. When parties are notified of a specific court action by the delivering of legal documents, it is known as Service of Process or Process Service.

Sounds simple, but finding a Process Server you can trust and building a relationship with that server is possibly one of the most important things you can do for your practice. A good Process Server doesn’t just hand someone documents.

You need someone who will work with you every step of the way. Someone who keeps communication open at all times. Someone who represents your firm with the utmost professionalism.

Our Process Servers aren’t simply going to deliver documents. We work hard to build a trusting relationship with our clients. We research all addresses given before a single attempt is made and will notify you if something comes up. Our goal is to know as much information as possible so we aren’t wasting valuable time and resources for you and your clients.

At each service attempt we will talk to neighbors, research phone numbers and vehicle information, and do whatever else is necessary to make sure that your documents are served and your case moves forward.

Not only do we separate ourselves with our dedication to the customer service side, but we’ve also added features that allow real time tracking and updates on each and every process service. If an attempt is made, you will know immediately. And all of our added features are at no extra cost to you.

So whether you have a single service or 500 defendants, every service we attempt will receive the same level of dedication. When you need someone served in North Carolina and the surrounding areas, contact the Black Dog Agency and find out what we can do for your firm.

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