Legal Support Services

At the Black Dog Agency, we consider our team to be full service Legal Support specialists. What this means is that our agents are not just Process Servers, not just Court Researchers, but that we have the ability to work with your firm on a case by case basis and tailor our services specifically for you.

Some small law firms may never need our agents to spend hours researching documents at court facilities or law libraries. Most large law firms have at least one in-house courier and would never think to use our agents to deliver legal documents down the street. As a full service Legal Support company though, we have the ability to do all these things if it is what your firm needs.

Our support services range from Process Service, Case Research, Document Retrieval and Filing Services to Trial/Exhibit Transport, Deed Recordings and Real Estate Services.

Legal Design Services

As a law firm, you have a tough task. How do you provide your customers a brand that is both professional and representative of your firm, yet unique and memorable? This is a problem that the Black Dog Agency understands. As an agency, we have been able to gain access to law firms of all sizes, which gives us an insight into exactly how a firm operates, what clients they are trying to acquire and the image they are constantly trying to present.

This unique vantage point allows us to offer legal design services that no other design agency can match. Whether it’s a complete legal site redesign or a brand consultation, we are able to approach every job form the perspective of both the law firm and the potential customer.

Our legal design services range from Websites and Search Engine Optimization to Logos and Brand Consultations.

Our goal is to provide answers and solutions to any problems that you may run into as a law firm. If you have any additional questions, you may want to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you need more help, you can always Contact Us.