Lately, we have been doing a lot of work to hopefully add value for our clients. We’ve diversified our services and added features all in the pursuit of a better user experience. With that, we decided to completely redesign from the bottom up. From being able to track and assign process service jobs to photos and stories from some of the situations that we’ve dealt with, everything is brand new.

New Features

  • Assign & Track Process Service
  • Resources for all 100 Counties in North Carolina
  • Instant Updates for Followers
  • News & Articles
  • Frequently Asked Questions Section

We’ve also added new services focused on Legal Websites & Legal Design. It’s becoming more and more important to present a clear and precise brand to your potential customers and part of delivering that image is having a well designed website. We’ve spent the time to know the firms we work with and we understand your customers and your goals. This gives us a unique advantage to deliver a highly specific message to your potential clients.

Expect articles on everything from the cliches of current Legal Design to how embracing new social media can not only help your image but help bring in new customers.

If you have questions or can’t find the information you are looking for, please let us know. We encourage you to contact us or leave a comment on any post and tell us what you are thinking and what you would like to see.

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