We always strive to deliver the most seamless and headache free services to our clients. One of the services that we offer is Document Retrieval and Court Research and we’ve recently added DropBox as a feature that we believe will increase turnaround time and save on postal mail rates.

DropBox is an application that allows for easy sharing and syncing of files up to 2GB. We use it regularly for clients who need large files copied and delivered immediately.

It works like this: You email us a filled out Order Form that lays out exactly what you need. For the sake of this example, lets say you need 15 files copied from a North Carolina courthouse. We immediately send one of our highly trained and highly capable court researchers to retrieve copies of all the files you have requested. Your files will then be scanned in and deposited into a folder on our system. You will then receive an email invitation from Black Dog asking you to install DropBox. Then you will have access to the file and can transfer it directly to your computer.

Quick and Seamless.

If you have ever have any ideas on we can make our services even more seamless, drop us a line and let us know.

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